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Marnie McNamara


My name is Marnie McNamara. I call my coaching business Primary Relationship Coaching because I believe creating a better life begins by creating a better relationship with yourself, your primary relationship.

When you have spent your life caring for everyone and everything but yourself, you can loose the deeper connection to your core. Feeling disconnected from yourself, your core, erodes self-trust, carries a profound sense of loneliness, and sorrow from the loss of long buried desires of the heart. Feeling disconnected from yourself leaves you feeling uncertain even about what you like or want for yourself.

I work primarily with single 50+ women who have much to contribute. Who aren’t willing to spend the last third of their lives rocking on the front porch. Who, in reconnecting with their passions, values, talents and gifts, create a life on their terms.

I spent many years as a stay at home mom then as a visual artist before life moved me to become a coach. It’s my hearts desire to coach you as you reconnect your relationship with yourself because I know from my own experiences how miraculous life can be when you do.

When your relationship with yourself becomes primary:

  • There is a peace that comes in trusting yourself
  • There is a sweetness to being as kind and caring to yourself as you are to your friends.
  • There is strength in making your life a priority which facilitates the best use of your gifts and talents.
  • There is vitality and energy where the fire in your belly forges the crowning glory of your third life stage.

I am a Certified Coach with Mentor Coach and the International Coach Federation. Other tools, helpful to my clients, that are in my coaching tool box are certifications from Authentic Happiness Coaching, Passion Test Facilitator, and Reach Personal and Social Branding Strategist. I graduated from St. Louis University with a BA in Theology. I am certified from a seven year program in Energy and Kabbalistic therapies and Pastoral Counseling. I am not religious. I am spiritual. My spiritual practice is to become more present and conscious, recognizing that life is spiritual. I sign my correspondence with May you see the miracles in every day because every day is a miracle.

Are We A Good Match?

Coaching is a very personal relationship, as such, it is important to have a coach who suites your personality, needs and with whom you can feel comfortable and secure. Unlike psychotherapy which deals primarily with your past, coaching addresses your present circumstances and needs to assist in creating the future you desire.

If you would like to have a thirty-minute chat to see if we are a good match, I invite you to use the link to the right to schedule a complimentary Exploration Session to get acquainted and explore how working together can help you to create the happy life you want.  Or send me an email with your questions or help for scheduling at




Let's have a discovery conversation to see how I can help you create a life directed by passion, purpose, meaning, engagement and joy, I am here to help.

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Testimonials About Coach Marnie:

I can clearly see how envisioning your path and verbalizing your desires can truly change things in your here is a belated thank you! Karen, Nashville, TN

I felt a greater emotional connection to my passions that wasn't there before. I was then able to go back and make changes thanks to Marnie. Debbie, Canada

Marnie's intuitive questioning made me consider things that previously would not have considered. Shelly, Australia