Heartful Happiness

Heartful HappinessHeartful Happiness – The Wondrous Search For Happiness & Where To Find It

  • Has your search for ‘the good life’ left you feeling disillusioned with the trappings of what happiness is supposed to mean?
  • A ‘good’ job, a new car, the latest gadgets and toys, and a house in the ‘burbs’? Has that pursuit negatively impacted your health and well-being?
  • Is there more to happiness than those trappings?
  • Have you been searching for happiness in all the wrong places?
  • Are you feeling a little lost lately?
  • Does it feel like you are kind of stuck, and your fire has waned?   

If so, you’re not alone.

I’ve got great news for you. I can help you eliminate your blues once and for all.   Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to just meditate and shift your perspective. That sounds great in theory, but we both know that it doesn’t always work.

What I’m proposing is a fool-proof way to get rid of the bad days. This is effective strategy, built on years of time-tested practice, experience and methodology. I’m talking about a proven formula for happiness.

Introducing a truly life transformational self-study coaching program on…

Heartful Happiness – The Wondrous Search For Happiness & Where To Find It

It’s an inspirational and educational self-study coaching program where you’ll discover…

  • The top 5 things that are clouding your happiness RIGHT NOW
  • How to eliminate negativity and start healing any lingering sadness
  • A simple 3-step process to put you back on track to TRUE happiness
  • How to custom design your own happy life - not just a few fleeting moments
  • A surprising way to find happiness, anywhere at any time
  • 12 proven ways to naturally increase your dopamine & serotonin

You and everyone around you deserve to be happy and successful, and all it takes to get you there is a little awareness, understanding and practice. In this fun and enlightening program, we will take a good look at your most persistent patterns, the emotions that drive you, and a few of the best ways that you can build an unbreakable foundation of happiness and satisfaction.

Quite simply, we’re going to lift the veil so you can see how easy happiness can be, and regain your natural calm collected joy.

And here’s the best part - the investment in this online coaching program is, for a Limited Time, ONLY $47 this is half the regular price.

The regular price for just the course is $97, add $514 for the bonuses and $1050 for one on one coaching the total value of this program is $1661. If you act now, you will be able to purchase this course, bonuses and online coaching at the low cost of ONLY $47!  This is being offered at a reduced price for a limited time only. 

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Through the 7 interactive modules you will learn:

#1 – Moving Away from Unhappiness – We can’t experience happiness or even expect to have it in our lives if we aren’t first willing to move away from those things that make us unhappy.  You’ll look then at what you need to change in order to make a space for happiness to show up. 

#2 – Moving Towards Happiness – Researchers in the field of happiness have identified a dozen, what they call, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC’s, for short) that a person can pursue that will move them towards happiness in the form of a healthier lifestyle, self-empowerment, and greater mental health and well-being.  In this section, you’ll explore what these strategies are and determine which ones would be most beneficial for you to move toward happiness.

#3 – Making Others Happy -  Finally, you’ll look at how you can experience more happiness when you put time and attention into making others happy.

Additionally, you will receive a bonus with each module you complete, including one for the introduction and wrap up (at no extra cost). These bonuses are valued at $514.

All the bonuses below are valued at $514 and included as part of your Heartful Happiness Program. 

  1. Ben Franklin quote on happiness, letter sized poster
  2. Sad to Glad ebook
  3. Kaleidoscope of Choices, video training with worksheets
  4. Count Your Blessings, tips
  5. Finding Happiness, article
  6. Gratitude Letter
  7. Choosing Happiness, tips

If you decide this course is not for you, please notify me before or by the time you have accessed the 4th module, not longer than 30 days, for a 100% refund.

During Heartful Happiness – The Wondrous Search For Happiness & Where To Find It, you’ll also discover the natural negative impulses that keep your happiness hidden, and how to reverse the downward spiral. And you get to discover your path to happiness all from the convenience of your home or office, on a time schedule that makes YOU happy!

Register Me For Heartful Happiness - Only $47

Don’t waste another moment feeling unhappy and incomplete. You deserve the best possible life for yourself. This program is full of tools that will help you get there and available as a limited time offer.

All of my Online Interactive Coaching Programs offer you:

>> Exercises to lock in your learning,
>> Discussion box to share and get support from me as your coach,
>> And get an extra bonus for every module you complete in the program!