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Crowning Glory Coaching Program -
The Gold Crown




We all want to experience success in our lives, but perhaps the stronger desire is the feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from our success. There are two primary benefits to success. First, there is the tangible reward that success brings, such as a garden overflowing with fruits and vegetables, a newly decorated room in your home, or a certain sum of money in your savings account.

Additionally, there is the feeling that comes from accomplishment – reaching a goal or a milestone. Experiencing success or feeling successful is more about how achieving a goal or reaching a milestone makes you feel. Perhaps your success brings a sense of excitement, renewal, wholeness, and satisfaction.

In order to create personal achievement, we need specific tools to harness both our internal and external strengths to help us COMPLETE our goals. But far too often people set out for a goal, are unequipped to finish the journey, and therefore they quit.

This program will give you the specific tools you need to take your goals all the way to the end, and a renewed energy and excitement to get there.


Conflict. What do you think about when you hear that word? How does conflict make you feel? Conflict is inevitable – it’s a normal aspect of human interaction. Conflict arises from unmet needs, unrecognized differences, and difficulties in coping with life changes and challenges. At the heart of every conflict are two people striving for something better. Conflict will exist as long as people work and live together.

This program explores our reactions to conflict while providing tools we can utilize to gain new perspectives into how we approach and react to conflict. Additionally, you will also begin to see conflict in a more positive light


People often refer to others motivating them to take an action or pursue a goal, but can we really motivate others? Not we can't. Why? Because the essence of motivation is an internal force - it comes from WITHIN a person, not from OUTSIDE OF THEM. Why then do people so often refer to someone motivating them? Because people don't "give" us motivation; rather it is that people help us find it within ourselves.

While WE can't motivate others, there are many times in life that we are called to provide support and encouragement. Someone may come to you and specifically ask for a helping hand as they set off on a personally challenging endeavor. They are trying to make a personal change and they know they will need support. You may understand that your role is to help the person find, sustain or regain motivation but do you know exactly what to do? In this program, you will explore:

  • How to help someone find the motivation needed to make a personal change
  • How to help someone sustain motivation
  • How to help someone regain motivation when it lags.


Discovering Your Leadership Impact.  What is leadership? Is leadership about accomplishing goals and getting things done, or is it about engaging in meaningful relationships and nurturing people’s strengths? Is it about transmitting information and knowledge, or is it about managing action and performance? Is leadership about maintaining the status quo or initiating change?

Whether you are leading a company, a department, a team, a family, or your life – you are a leader and you have an impact on others. As a human being, and as a leader, you have natural tendencies and preferences that come from your strengths, your weaknesses, your skills, your experiences, and your needs.

In this program, you will take your own journey through discovering your unique brand of leadership. You will discover your natural leadership preferences, strengths, and challenges, and will experience the profound impact that you have on others in your life.



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