Crowning Glory - Facets of Your Gems

Crowning Glory Coaching Program - Silver Crown

III. SILVER CROWN: Facets of Your Gems


Beating Self-Sabotage and Reaching Your Potential. Most people are totally unaware of the fact that they have an inner, self-sabotaging voice that is constantly speaking to them. This voice will say things that at first sound like wise advice that is only meant to protect the person from emotional harm such as getting hurt, being rejected, or experiencing disappointment. So this voice will say things like:

  • “You’re going to look like a fool.”
  • “Don’t try that. It’ll never work.”
  • “People aren’t going to like that
  • You’re not experienced enough to make that work.”
  • “Don’t wear that dress; it makes you look fat.”
  • “You’ll embarrass yourself if you try that.” 
  • “It’s too much effort to do that. And it won’t work, anyway.”

There are countless more things this inner voice says, so the question that needs to be asked then is: have you ever heard this inner voice saying these things to you? The answer for all of us is, yes!


Effective Ways to Manage Stress. We all experience stress in our lives from time to time, and we know how stress can have a very negative effect on our short and long-term health, performance, career success, and personal happiness. But believe it or not, stress can be eliminated from our lives. We will certainly always continue to experience the pressures of life, but stress isn’t pressure. Instead, stress is how we choose to react to the pressures of life. Fortunately, stress management is a learnable skill. The emphasis of this course is on exploring the importance of good stress management. This includes how we approach the management of stress through our actions, attitude and emotional responses, and our ways of living and coping with what cannot be resolved.


You would think that by the time we reach adulthood, we would recognize time as one of our most precious and limited of gifts. When we are in our adult years, career demands, family needs, and a slew of responsibilities in between, we wished for more hours in the day so that we can spend some time doing the things we really want to do. The challenge in retirement is having the vision and the plan to make the most of those moments which will make our third phase of life meaningful and fulfilling.


Using EQ to Create a More Joyous, Richer Life.  You will discover how to identify your natural talents, when to know if they are in use, and how you can integrate your talents into everything you do.

This program will teach you to focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. It will show you ways to identify you own natural talents, using a variety of tools and resources. The more you know you talents, the more you can build a more fulfilling life.

Ready to put the crown on your third phase of life? 

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